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 The Pied Piper

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I APOLOGIZE FOLKS, but I've had to close the guest registry for the time being. (June 08) 
(If you would like to add an entry you can send me an email directly and I'll be glad to publish an entry for you.)


SPAMMERS: This Guestbook script now tracks IP addresses. (See below)


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Credits and Acknowledgements
16 June 2007 --- Installed a "Classic Johnson" script addon to stifle spambots. Thank you for your patience.

20 May 2007 --- Placed the guestbook on another server - dismantled Signature Validation until further notice.
(JunkEater got eaten by spam junk!)

9 April 2006 --- Added two more layers of spam protection - Robot Noindexing & Signature Validation Entry.
This Guestbook is now "Protected by"

27 March 2006 --- I apologize for the up and downs of the guest registry of late.
Unfortunately, a few lamers think this is a wonderful site to advertise pharmaceuticals, insurance scams,
online gambling, ringtones, used cars, etc. etc. etc.
The guestbook script now tracks IP addresses.
For my Parrish visitors, rest assured I am not collecting this information
--- except in the event of a spammer flame.
Thank you for your patience.

SPAMMERS you have been warned.

23 February 2005 --- A very special Thank You to my new dedicated server host CCISP
for not only their great service but also working out some nagging bugs in the script!

28 October 2002 --- After more than five years of hosting our original Guest Registry,
Internet Tool Zone went down, taking well over a thousand entries with them.
I need to acknowledge the following folks for helping me establish
our own dedicated guestbook.

Thank You To Bruce & Christine @ BigNoseBird.Com For This Guest Book Script.
A Special Thank You To Vera "Webdog" @ BreakFree.Net For Script Modifications.
Thank You To Shane & Matt @ HyperSite.Net For Direction And Support.
Thank You To Diane "Dinamite" @ Greater Delmar Chamber of Commerce 
For Moral Support (and not having me committed!).

Last, but certainly not least --- a big Thank You to Cliff Shockley @ Brainwave Computer Services
who not only builds all my computers --- but whose suggestion it was
that got me started into Web Development. You can blame him! *laff*
John ~.~




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